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I'm Gonçalo Ferreira, a freelancer Web Designer and Web Developer based in Portugal who loves photography. Over the years I developed experience in my area by working on different projects, remotely and on site. Having worked at SpunkDesignz, my first website for three years. Throughout these experiences, not only did I profund my knowledge of coding and design techniques, but also met and grew with the fantastic people that accompanied me on this journey. In 2022, I founded Boldesignz which means "courageous" where I hope to get more knowledge and experience with different clients so feel free to hire me :)




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Tatiana Hopper


Beer and Hamburgers


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Snail in the village



Rui Lopes

O Gonçalo Ferreira é das melhores pessoas que já conheci tanto a nível pessoal como profissional, a nível pessoal um grande e fiel amigo, a nível profissional, uma das pessoas mais organizadas e profissionais com quem já trabalhei, sempre pronto a ajudar os seus colegas e sempre pronto a ajudar e a guiar os seus clientes.

Nuno Vitorino

Para além de amigo na sua comunicação, é profissional, a qualidade de serviço demonstra sem sombra de dúvidas, uma das utilidades importantes para o mercado, com uma marca representativa, única e estruturada, consoante os objetivos propositamente individuais.

Tatiana Hopper

I recently worked with Gonçalo during the rebrand of website. I really enjoyed the whole experience as I felt he was genuinely passionate about his craft. Gonçalo has a great eye for detail, quick to come up with solutions and he most definitely fulfilled my intentions and goals with the website providing me also with his own creative input which was incredibly helful. I highly recommend his work as he is extremely professional and overall very pleasant to work with.